Tuesday, April 28, 2009

David Blaine

Leonardo Di Caprio wasn't at all interested in magic until the time he first saw a close up magic performance by his friend David Blaine. Many other magic sceptics look certain to follow in Di Caprio's footsteps. Blaine's illusions are not heavily reliant on intricate props, they are primarily spontaneous and 'in-your-face' . The majority of David Blaine's card tricks are performed using a standard pack of Bicycle Cards and are created using only his sleight of hand. He performs, what we in the trade call "packet tricks" examples of which are Cigarette Thru Coin, where he takes a lit cigarette and passes it through the coin, and the Invisible Deck where a card merely thought of by a spectator is reversed in the deck. Although technically, these tricks require absolutely no skill, David Blaine has mastered the theatrical performance necessary to turn a simple trick into an illusion of the highest order.

David Blaine was born in Brooklyn in the 1970's and performed his first trick aged four. He continued to learn new tricks and develop his passion for magic throughout his childhood and on to adulthood.

Blaine first performed publicly in bars whilst waiting on tables! He performed to small gatherings of people, perfecting his close up expertise and exercising his natural charm and persuasion. From there, he attended private parties, often ones that were frequented by celebrities, on a mission to entertain and mix in show business circles. In an attempt to further his career, Blaine turned up at the ABC Television Studios in the US and gave an impromptu performance to TV executives. He had nothing to lose and everything to gain from this gutsy brainstorm. And gain, he did, as ABC executives were so impressed with his, they immediately offered Blaine a $1,000,000 TV deal for an hour long programme. Watching Blaine in "Street Magic", it's not difficult to comprehend his seemingly overnight success. One moment the magician David Blaine is unheard of outside of New York bars, the next he's an exciting new addition to the world of magic and entertainment!

Blaine is not a member of the Magic Circle and presents himself apart from contemporary magicians. He seduces, mesmerises, reads minds and levitates. He shocks, bewilders and transcends rationality. David Blaine's repertoire encompasses the "Darker" side of magic!

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